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SUPER SEMINAR with Master Hollingsworth 28/01/2024

Back into training with a seminar with Master Lee Hollingsworth , absolutely brilliant, 4 hours gone by in minutes it felt like.

Great to catch up with the ITFU England group. Thanks to Myolan Reddy , Matt Storey and George (apologies don't know last name) for sparring with my students and taking the time to give some advice. Very much appreciated.

Huge well done to Erin Wedgbury on her first seminar with ITFU England Taekwon-Do , you were great. Also looking amazing were Katie Schuck , Caspar Schuck Iris Heavens and Edie Brassington.

All trained very hard with 70+ students learning from the best.

Roll on Tul Fest and the next squad training session.

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