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The Team

Who We Are


Mr Steven Noble with BUTL World Sparring  Champion - Miss Kate Schuck (Noble Dragons) 

Mr Steven Noble 6th Degree

Owner of Noble Dragons

Chief Instructor of Noble Dragons

Grading Examiner

Steven Noble 6th Degree Black Belt

Owner & Chief Instructor

Mr Steven Noble started Taekwon-Do with the TAGB in early 1996. He trained with them until early 2002.

I competed in TAGB competitions during my time with the TAGB winning many medals but not so many Golds.

The last grade I got from the TAGB was my Black stripe on the 2nd September 2001.

I remember being asked by Mr Tim Watkins if I wanted to join him in a new group he was setting up. He was going to join an ITF group (PUMA) and see if we could create something new. After some thought I said yes and joined Derbyshire Dragons and through that group PUMA as well.

In April 2002 I graded for and passed my 1st Degree black Belt Grading, one of the proudest days of my life.

In October 2002 I also became a qualified Taekwon-Do Instructor. I continued to compete in local competitions but found that I really wanted my students to compete and do well. So I made the decision to no longer compete and focus on my students instead.

 Then in October 2004 I graded for and passed my 2nd Degree Black Belt. I was really pleased as I was no longer at the bottom of the black belt ladder (as I felt then).

 In October 2007 I graded for my 3rd Degree Black Belt under Master Sahota as Mr Watkins group had joined the UKGT. I passed and again was really pleased, plus it meant that I did not have to worry about Ju-Che so much anymore. After a couple of years I began to feel that I needed something else but to tell you the truth I did not really know.

 I then found out in 2010 that Master Bradshaw (he was not a Master then) was also creating a new group. I had a chat with him and thought – Yes – This is what I want. So I made the decision to leave Derbyshire Dragons and join the Heart of England.

 I spent a year or so training with Mr Bradshaw as I was not sure if I was ready for being a 4th Degree Black Belt.

But on the 17th April 2011 I graded for my 4th degree under Master Trevor Nicholls and passed. I was totally made up; this was the one grade I really wanted (apart from my 1st degree). I had the go faster stripes, the badges on the shoulder, International Instructor, Grading examiner, what more could I want.


So four years passed and I had to work really hard at a reason to take my 5th Degree because I truly was not that fussed about being a higher grade. I did eventually decided to see if I could grade and after getting permission from Master Bradshaw on the 26th April 2015 I became a 5th Degree. And it felt great, still does to be honest. Also in 2015 I was awarded International Umpire Class A – the highest you can get, that was fantastic as well.

Everything was going really at that time, Noble Dragons had trained a number of World and European champions in addition to many National and Team Champions.

In October 2021 I was promoted to 6th Degree Black Belt. This was an amazing achievement for me.

Then in July 2022 I wanted to go off on my own again. Things were wrapped up between myself and HoE.

During my time with Taekwondo I have umpired World Championships, a European Championship and more national competitions than I can count.

I have trained many students to Black Belt in Taekwon-Do and trained World / European and National champions in many different competitions from many different groups. I get such a buzz from watching my students succeed, whether its winning a medal or finally mastering a new technique or Tul (Pattern). I know I will be teaching till the day I die.

 I no longer feel that I am an instructor, I think I am a teacher. Who knows what I will be in the future.

Taekwon-Do is an amazing ride there are some massive lows it’s true but the highs are not to be missed. I would not change any of it.


Andrew Arkinstall
4th Degree Black Belt

Owner & Chief Instructor for Hatton Club

Andrew is currently 4th Degree Black Belt, and Noble Dragons Child Protection Officer. I started training in 2011 shortly after my son started (at the age of 4) and I have been teaching Taekwon-Do since January 2014. I am also a qualified international referee and coach. During this time, I have competed in competitions from white belt through to black belt and have won over 50 medals at local, national and International competitions. I would encourage all martial artists to compete, it is very rewarding.

Mr Arkinstall’s Black Belt History

Started training in January 2011

Gained 1st Degree Black Belt April 2015          

Gained 2nd Degree Black Belt October 2016

Gained 3rd Degree Black Belt October 2019.

Gained 4th Degree Black Belt October 2022

Other qualifications/competencies:

First Aid at Work 3-day course

International Referee and coaching courses

Team Coach – Noble Dragons

Safeguarding young people and adults

Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner 

Mr Arkinstall runs the Taekwon-do club at Hatton, Derbyshire, (Mondays Little Dragons Class - ages 4 to 6 from 5.15pm -5.45pm and all Grades from 5.45pm - 6.45pm).

Outside of Taekwon-Do, I enjoy supporting Burton Rugby Football Club and Leicester Tigers. I am a keen snooker player and cyclist, often cycling 50 miles per week when time permits. I am a Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner and run my own company during the week.

For Further Information For Hatton Club

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Mr Arkinstall with his students after a successful colour belt grading - Well done

Ms Helen Burns

Noble Dragons Coach


Web Designer

Helen Noble is one of Noble Dragons senior instructors. She is also a Coach and Grading Examiner for the junior Noble Dragons. In addition she is a qualified umpire.
I have competed in many tournaments at Colour Belt and Black Belt level over the years. I am a multiple World and European Champion, winning over a 100 Medals. Since retiring from competing I have coached European Champions in sparring and patterns. And my next goal is to coach a World Champion I want to pass on my years of competition experience to the next group of Noble Dragons competitors. So will you be the next World Champion I coach? 

Helen Noble
4th Degree Black Belt

Miss Polly Phillips

Junior Taekwon-Do/Little Dragons Instructor


Polly Phillips
2nd Degree Black Belt

Little Dragons Instructor

Polly Phillips is in charge of training all Little Dragons and the younger Taekwondo students.
I am very excited to see Polly developing her students.
I wish her all the best for our newest Teacher and Coach.
Polly has competed Nationally and Internationally winning many titles.


Miss Polly Phillips with her Coach Mr Andrew Arkinstall on her way to sparring Gold at the European Championships in Poland 2018

Graham Sanderson
1st Degree Black Belt

I have been associated with Noble Dragons since 2009 (this was when my son Oliver started in Little Dragons) and I finally started training in 2018. I passed every grading and all with a distinction bar 2; Red Stripe, which was a video grading during Covid so a straight pass or fail, and Black Stripe, where I still passed with a credit.

As a  Black Stripe I started assisting at the Colour Belt gradings and teaching in class. Noble Dragons joined ITF Union just before my Black Belt grading so my 1st Degree Black Belt was proudly earned during the inaugural Noble Dragons grading.

Having gained my Black Belt in October 2022 I not only continued to assist with teaching the students but also run the classes for Mr Noble and Mr Arkinstall.

I remain committed as a student and look forward to continuing as an Instructor

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