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Noble Dragons Competition Results Table 2024 Results from all competitions

G - Gold

S - Silver

B- Bronze

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ITF UNION TUL-Fest  25/02/2024



BUTL World Championships

22nd March 2024

ITFU Ranking results
National Ranking System is now live.
Click Here to find your Ranking

The following information has been taken off the ITFU website. Results and Ranking scores for Noble Dragons students will be added to this page as we receive the results from ITFU.


Our new ITFU England National Ranking system.


As we continue to grow and further take strides improving the standards, quality and development of ITFU England Taekwon-Do, we are excited to announce our New National Ranking System!


National Rankings will be a key part of the criteria for selection to the England National Taekwon-Do Team - with ranking athletes receiving access to National training opportunities, exclusive Team apparel and of course the opportunity to compete at International and World Championships.


Results will be updated after each of our sanctioned events, so check back regularly to see your progress, and make sure to keep an eye on the event calendar to see which events you can make it to and improve your points total and ranking.


Our first Ranking Events will be the ITFU World Championships and ITFU British Championships 2022.

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