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Taught By Miss Polly Phillips - 2nd Degree

Junior Taekwon-Do Syllabus

The Junior Taekwon-Do program consists of age-specific martial arts moves that have been designed to teach 4 to 6-year-olds important life skills in a fun and exciting environment.

Themes Of Junior Taekwon-Do

•    Teamwork and Leadership
•    Focus and Concentration
•    Co-Ordination
•    Fitness
•    Emergency Skills
•    Memory
•    Balance
•    Stranger Danger
•    Discipline

What your Child will experience

First and foremost your child will have fun in a safe and healthy environment, and all the while they will be learning valuable skills.
By focusing on the child's learning needs, the instructor will motivate each child to work to the best of their ability, by following directions, and working together as a team; he/ she can accomplish anything. As your child participates in class they will earn new belts and succeed towards black belt.
Watch your child learn the value of hard work and progress. As they begin to understand that perseverance will enable them to conquer frustrations as tasks become more difficult. In turn this will allow them to tackle more difficult goals with self-confidence and self-discipline, which will serve as a strong foundation to achieve in all aspects of life.

Results you Can Expect

Social Skills 

For each child to develop their social skills , they will be encouraged to interact with their classmates and instructors.


Every step of the way Junior Taekwon-Do Students are recognised for their individual achievements and  group accomplishments.  This increases their confidence and self-esteem.

Physical and Mental Development

As your child participates in Junior Taekwon-Do activities, they will also improve their motor skills and develop a positive view of themselves.

Decreases Parent Separation Anxiety

With each class your child  gradually acclimates to an environment away from parents and carers, All of these skills will help your child grow with a confident and enthusiastic outlook. Your child will become a better student at school and better disciplined at home.

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