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Upcoming Competitions

It has been mentioned that some of the newer students / parents don't really know the competition scene.

The most important thing is to get a large group of competitors and parents going to these competitions.

The atmosphere has been electric when we all get together shouting and cheering on the Noble Dragons

Don't hold back when cheering, we are the loudest at these comps, we have a reputation to uphold.

No Booing though if a result goes the other way - these things happen.

Check out the Noble Dragons Calendar for Further Details

General Information

£30:00 Entry Fee

The ITFU British Championships 2024 features an exciting array of events for participants of different age groups, offering patterns, sparring, special technique, and breaking!

Weigh-ins will take place the day before at the main venue between 3:15-4:30pm, as well as on the day. Time slots to weigh-in on the day will be released closer to the date of the competition.

An additional weigh-in will take place the day before at TST UK Taekwon-Do Academy (CV6 1GP) between 6:00-7:00pm:

Equipment Checklist:
Approved gloves and boots with covered fingers (Macho, Gran Marc, Top Ten or similar) ✅

No Boxing Gloves ❌

Male Groin protector (Mandatory) ✅

Shin guards (Optional up to 13 years old / Mandatory for Junior, Adults and Seniors) ✅

Mouth Guard (Mandatory for All) ✅

Headguard (Mandatory up to 13 years old and for all Colour Belts / Optional for Black Belts Junior, Adults and Seniors) ✅

Female Breast protector (Optional) ✅

Special Technique: Students under 18 will be able to showcase their flying kicks, all 5 of which are detailed in the rule pack.

Breaking (18+ only): Adult participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their power and technique by breaking boards. Exact breaks will be available within the rule pack.

Click here for registration and Rule Pack

General Information


We are very honoured and excited to announce that we will be hosting the ITF Union European Open Championships on October 25-27 2024 in England.

Friday 25th October: Black Belt Individual and Team events

Saturday 26th October: Team events and Black Belt Finals

Sunday 27th October: Colour Belt Championships

We will be striving to make this an unforgettable event not to be missed.

This is an Open Championships for all ITF style schools, associations and federations.

More information and official invitation will be available at the end of January.

If you have any questions or want any further information please send us a message.


Master Hollingsworth


Check the Noble Dragons Calendar for further information and updates

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