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ITFU TUL FEST -Mr Noble's Thoughts

So now I am somewhat calmer after our success at the Tul Fest Comp, I can reveal that from a squad of 12 (very pleased about that) we won the following 5x Individual Gold Medals Justin, Katie and Frances Williams in Tul. Edie and Casper in Specials. Rosie Individual Silver for Tul. 3x Team Silver for Tul. Edie / Rosie and Iris 3x Ind Bronze for Tul. Edie, Iris and Caspar (well pleased about that one) 3x Team Bronze for Tul. Georgia, Elodie and Henry.

Excellent team results for first ever team Tul competition.

Amir did not get anything this time, but I did get to see one of his patterns and he was looking very good. In a very tough and large group, Well done Amir

Sadly Michael did not win a medal this time. I did not get to see him compete, but i bet he was brilliant. He was in a league of 6 for Tul and 13 for specials, very tough divisions.

I think we have proven we can compete, time to get ready for the next one, WHO'S WITH ME.

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